Wael Al Hassan Photo

Wael Al Hassan

He holds a BA with honors in Computer Engineering from the University of Gezira.  

He worked for several local and regional radio and television stations, and he joined Alaraby TV network in November 2021. 

Mussa Diab

Mussa Diab

A Palestinian producer. 

He holds a BA in political science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

He worked in several regional and international media organizations. 

He has accompanied Alaraby TV since its early days, and in January 2021, he was appointed director of the Alaraby’s Palestine office. 

Saleh Alnatoor

Saleh Alnatoor

A journalist from Palestine. 

He graduated from the Islamic University in Gaza City with a degree in journalism and media.  

He has been working as a field reporter since 2008. He is also a university lecturer in media and a trainer in television reporting. 

In 2019, he joined the team of Alaraby TV. 

Wissem Daassi Photo

Wissem Daassi

A Tunisian journalist. 

He graduated from the Institute of Journalism and News Sciences in Tunisia in 2013.  

He has worked for several newspapers, websites, and local and regional production houses. 

In 2014, He joined Alaraby TV as a correspondent from Tunisia. 

Abdullah Mikdad Photo

Abdullah Mokdad

He graduated in 2005 and started his professional career in the same year. 

He worked as a producer for several news institutions in Gaza. 

Since May 2021, he has been working as a reporter for Alaraby TV in Gaza. 

Ibrahim Alabdeli Photo

Ibrahim Alabdeli

A Libyan journalist. 

He holds a degree in media, radio, and television from Misurata University. Currently, he is continuing his higher education at the Media Department of the Libyan Academy of Graduate Studies. 

He started working in journalism in the year 2011, as a TV presenter and reporter for several Libyan channels and international agencies. 

In April 2021, he joined Alaraby TV. 

Mazin Altayar

Mazin Altayar

He holds a BA in Arabic language from the University of Basra.  

In 2003, he started working with several local and international TV channels. 

In 2019, he joined Alaraby TV as a field reporter in southern Iraq. 


Yaser Mesood Photo

Yaser Masood

He studied media at the Tehran Press Institute and began his career in television media in 2009 from Baghdad. He worked with many local and regional media institutions. 

Since June 2019, he has been Alaraby TV’s reporter in Tehran. 

Ahmad Darawsha

Ahmad Darawsha

A Palestinian journalist. He worked as an editor and producer for different regional media institutions. 

In April 2021, he joined the team of Alaraby TV as a reporter in Jerusalem.