Alaraby TV “Decodes” the Hmeimim Air Base An Open-source Investigation Reveals Hmeimim’s Centrality for Russian Military Influence

Alaraby TV

Alaraby TV’s show “Shifra” (“Code”) showed an investigative report that relied on open intelligence sources, revealing the hidden role of the Russian Hmeimim Base in Syria for the Russian geostrategic expansion in the eastern Mediterranean and Africa.

Through satellite images, the investigation confirmed that the Russian investment in the Hmeimim base is enormous compared to their other bases in countries including Armenia, Abkhazia, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan.

The report revealed that the size of the armaments at Hmeimim exceeds what was required by the initial Russian mission, which waged war against ISIS and those that Russia has defined as terrorist groups.

Satellite images showed several developments in the base over the past six years, the most important of which were the expanding runways, airfields, and logistical facilities.

These expansions helped host more than 30 Russian Sukhoi aircrafts, An-124 and Il-67 heavy military cargo planes, and advanced A-50 reconnaissance aircrafts that complement the Russian S-400 defense system at the base.

The most recent satellite images revealed the latest developments at the base. The expansion of the main western runway at the base allowed the accommodation of Tu-22M3 launchers capable of carrying nuclear warheads with a range beyond Syrian territory.

The team of “Shifra” detected an air bridge between Hmeimim and several African countries, including Libya, Sudan, and the Central African Republic, as part of Russia's attempts to extend its influence in Africa.