Alaraby TV Moves its Headquarters to Doha

Alaraby TV
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The shareholders’ committee of Alaraby TV Network, in consultation with its board of directors and its executive management, has decided to move the channel's headquarters from London to Qatar; Lusail City in specific. The decision was made after a fundamental initial residence in London which allowed for a rich experience in the foundational period. The move comes within the framework of the continuous, ardent efforts to advance the TV network in the past two years, in addition to facilitating the issuance of visas and residence permits for its employees and visitors, while also investing in the modern and emerging Qatari hub of Lusail.

The TV administration has informed its family of employees of the decision since the beginning of this year, and weeks ago, the process began to identify their choices of either moving with the network to the new headquarters in Qatar or staying in London, in a way that ensures that employees have complete freedom to make their own decisions in this regard. In this context, the network’s management has approved compensations for those who choose not to move, more than twice of what is stipulated by British laws and British companies’ norms, as this conforms to Alaraby network’s professional and ethical values ​​that fully understand the choices of employees and their personal and family circumstances, and in appreciation of their efforts during the time they worked for the institution.

Alaraby TV channel will continue to carry out its work with the same professionalism and dedication in serving its audience and the Arab public in general. The TV’s family of employees has committed itself to boost all efforts in preparation for the elaborate transition and will continue to do so during and after this transitional phase.