Alaraby's 6th Anniversary

Alaraby TV
Alaraby 6th Anniversary

On its 6th anniversary, AlAraby TV Soars High  

Interactive news bulletins and round-the-clock diverse news turned AlAraby TV into an undefined “Timeline”, harnessing the successes achieved over the last six years, making the TV the first among the Arabic TV channels in terms of social media content views. 

Since its launching in January 2015, AlAraby TV decided not to “be a tempered part in an Arab crisis emerging from the “Tyranny and Terrorism” formula”, according to a tweet posted by the Director of the Channel Abbas Nasser on Monday, commemorating AlAraby TV’s 6th anniversary, where he confirmed “We presented ourselves as a project that abided by values, not by an ideology nor political considerations. Professionalism is our reference, we’ve always disregarded any differences emerging, sided mankind only, and avoided any populism.” 

These professional standards led AlAraby TV to major successes, and are the foundation of the channel’s rise in an unconventional space, through a modernization plan under construction. The foreground of this plan has taken place in broadcasting the first-ever news bulletin live from the new studios in Doha, and the measures are to be proceeded by the end of the coming month of Ramadan. 

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