Who we are

Alaraby TV

A political news channel that follows developments, presents news and analyses the various dimensions and implications of the events.
“Alaraby TV” adopts an approach that prioritizes integrity and objectivity. It provides accurate information in its news and political segments, fortified by a sober and in-depth reading that relies on diverse points of view
who we are

Alaraby 2

“Alaraby 2” is a diverse channel offering cultural and entertainment content that appeals to the tastes of various Arab viewers.
The channel offers a variety of programs that combine high-end entertainment, culture, history, music, cinema and the arts.


The website of “Alaraby TV” provides comprehensive, multimedia news coverage of Arab and international events. It allows users to access a diverse network of political and social shows and to watch the programs that the TV broadcasts at a time of their choice and convenience.

Alaraby Platforms

“Alaraby TV” presents its content across a network of multiple platforms in a framework of integration and interaction between its multimedia content and the audience.

Viewers can follow the broadcast of “Alaraby TV” via satellites, TV service providers and media providers, in accordance with the broadcast frequencies specific to each region. The live broadcast can also be watched on “Alaraby TV’s” website or via its applications on Google Play and the App Store.
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