Vision, Mission, Values


Our Vision 

We aspire to play a vital role in the Arab world by offering audiences an independent, professional media platform that promotes dialogue, knowledge and culture. Our work is guided by the values of pluralism, transparency and co-existence, far from any sectarian, regional or partisan polarization. This is because we aspire to be more than a TV channel; we wish to be the platform that connects the various components of the Arab world.


Our Mission 

Our goal is to follow the ever-changing political and social scenes in the Arab world and present our audience with professional, objective, and credible coverage of their social, political, and cultural affairs. We are proud of our Arab identity and heritage and promote its richness and diversity over all of our multimedia platforms.


Our Values    

Based on what our audience expects of us, and in commitment to our standards and responsibilities, we have defined our core values as follows:

• Integrity, credibility, and professionalism.

• Transparency, equality, and promoting a culture of dialogue.

• Avoiding polarizations and partialities of all sorts.

• Respecting all religions, cultures, and ethnicities.

• Nurturing a work environment that encourages creativity, innovation, and self-development, with the effective utilization of digital technologies.