Othman Al Beteiri Photo

Othman Albatiri

Acting Channel Director

Othman Albatiri is a Palestinian journalist with a BA in political science.

His media career started as a correspondent for Dubai TV from the Pakistani capital in 1996. In 2000 he joined Al Jazeera satellite channel as a correspondent in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, and in 2005 he moved to Al Jazeera's headquarters in Doha where he worked as first producer and roving reporter until the end of 2018.

He participated in covering the ethnic conflicts in Indonesia and the tsunami disaster. He also participated in covering the situation in Iraq after the occupation in 2003 and the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip in 2012, in addition to participating in five cruises to the Gaza Strip, the last of which was the Freedom Flotilla and had a contribution to covering the Arab revolutions in Yemen Syria, Libya and Egypt.

Joined Alaraby TV at the end of 2018.


Mohamad Aboulenein Photo

Mohammed Aboulenein

Director of Programs and Development 

Mohammed Aboulenein is a British Egyptian journalist with a 20 years’ experience in broadcast journalism and programming. He has been working for Alaraby TV since 2014 occupying several managerial and senior editorial roles including Head of News. He is currently occupying the position of Head of Programs and Development in the channel. Mohammed has also worked for the BBC World Service for more than nine years in different radio and TV roles including senior editorial roles in both news and programs departments. He has been part of the launching team in both BBC Arabic TV in 2008 and Alaraby TV in 2015. 

Ali Husseini Photo

Ali Husseini

Director of Broadcast and Visuals

Ali is a seasoned TV executive with over 18 years of experience in broadcast business transformation and technology, He brings a wealth of expertise with particular strengths in areas such as transformation, mergers, centralization, business processes and both technical strategy and operational oversight, with an abundance of international experience, Ali has a strong understanding of various content generation, distribution models throughout America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. 

Currently, Ali operates as Director of Broadcast Operations & Creative services at Fadaat Media, Al Araby Network, which he joined late 2019; His responsibilities include IT, broadcast engineering, Broadcast IT, operations, information security & Creative services. 

Ali has worked with multiple broadcasters ranging from small-scale startups to mid and large size broadcasters, offering technical and Operational services across an array of areas including Studio Operations, distribution, Teleport Operations, Newsroom Operations, system architecture, Media Operations and professional services.  

Prior to joining Fadaat Media Group, Ali oversaw numerous large-scale transformations activities during his 12 years with Al Jazeera Media Network where he served as the Chief Transformation Architect for the network, where he held responsibility of Broadcast operations expansions for multiple channels averaging $100M per project, with his contribution, Al Jazeera technical operations transformed from a mid-size broadcaster to a leader in the industry where they managed to deliver with his team of SME’s the network locations in NY, DC, London, Beirut and the channels at the HQ in Doha. 

Also, he served as the Vice Director of Technology & Operations at TRT Foreign language service where he managed both TRT World & TRT Arabi helping TRT Network moving into an international standards facility...  

Lately he had been working with product developers and business partners on helping the media industry move forward towards cloud adoption, AI and IP, hoping to build the next generation of newsrooms. 

In addition to his executive career, Ali serves on several advisory boards, and he had received multiple regional and international awards. 



  • MENA Broadcast Trendsetter of the Year 2015 - ASBU BroadcastPro Middle East 
  • Best Technical Installation of the year 2016 - Digital Studio Awards 2016 
  • Excellence in Project Execution 2016 - ASBU BroadcastPro Middle East Awards 
  • Best Studio of the Year 2016 - ASBU BroadcastPro Middle East 2016 


Ibrahim Matar

Ibrahim Mattar

Support Services Manager

Ibrahim joined Alaraby TV as Finance Manager in March 2018. He was promoted towards the end of 2019 as Head of Support Functions, responsible for overseeing all support departments ensuring the company’s strategy is delivered with a high degree of quality and efficiency. With over 10 years of experience in finance, prior to joining Alaraby, Ibrahim headed the finance team for Alaraby’s associated media companies in the UK. He also spent several years with the Accor hotel group, responsible for the financial reporting of several of their hotels.  

Tarek Janoudi

Tarek Janoudi

Digital Unit Manager

Tarek Janoudi is the Director of Digital Management at Alaraby Television Network. He currently oversees the network's presence on social media platforms, the website, in addition to the “Ana Al Araby” platform. Tarek previously assumed the duties of office manager of Alaraby channel’s director, and prior to that he worked as a senior producer and head of the interviews department since he joined the network. 

Tarek's experience in the field of media began in 2001 and he has assumed many positions before joining Alaraby TV in May 2015. His experience encompasses many Arab TV channels, including Al-Jazeera Network in Doha and Sky News Arabia in Abu Dhabi. 

Tarek holds a BA in Financial Economics from the University of London. 

Moutaz Al Qaissia Photo

Moutaz Al Qaissia

Input Editor and the Head of Foreign Bureaus

Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and English Language and Literature from the University of Jordan.

He started his career in journalism in 2005, during which he worked as a reporter, producer, correspondent and anchor in some of the most prominent local and Arabic Regional media outlets, where he reported storied about both Arabic and Latin issues.

He joined Alaraby TV’s team in London in 2019, and currently holds the position of Input Editor (Assignment, interview and planning) and the Head of Foreign Bureaus.